Havo 5 Writing Task 3

Writing a note

You have decided to study at a High School in the US for half a year. You have been living there for a few weeks now. You are having a great time, you like the school and you’ve made a lot of new friends.

Because you needed a place to stay, the High School offered you a room in a student house on campus. You are living with foreign students from all over the world.

All in all, everything is perfect….except the behaviour of your flatmates. They are mostly really nice but they can really misbehave.

This morning you found the shared living room to be a complete chaos for the third time this week. In addition, someone has been leaving behind a real mess on the toilet. This is unacceptable.

Write your note

You decide to write a note to your housemates as talking to them hasn’t worked so far. You can put the note on the door of the dormitory.

  • Decide on the tone of your note. You want to be clear but you also want to stay friends with your flatmates.
  • Be sure they will notice the note.
  • Clearly state the problem. What needs to change?