Havo 5 Writing Task 2

Formal email

It is the end of the summer holiday and you are visiting your best friend Robin who has just returned from a holiday in Italy. He / she has had a great time over there and after seeing the pictures you would love to go there yourself. You have convinced your parents that they should go there with you next year. Robin’s parents have already booked their holiday.

You want to book the same campsite at the same time Robin is going (4-18 August next year). Also, you would like to stay on the pitch next to Robin’s but you don’t know if this is possible. Furthermore, your father would like to know if the tiger mosquito has been spotted at the campsite, he is really allergic to them.

Write your email

To answer these questions you will need to write an email. The campsite is called Badiaccia and their email address is info@badiaccia.it.

  • Introduce yourself and explain why you want to come to their campsite in Italy.
  • Ask your questions.
  • Use the rules of a formal email, including a proper introduction and ending.