Havo 5 Writing Task 1

Backpacking experiences report

Last summer you went backpacking through Europe with a friend. In 5 weeks you have travelled to many countries, saw loads of beautiful things and made many foreign friends!

You and your friend have kept a blog in which you have written about everything you’ve experienced. This way, friends could read about all your adventures and mum and dad would know that you were still safe. Unfortunately, the last 2 weeks you have been too busy to write anything.

Now that you are back home, you have no intention of writing down everything that happened during those two weeks. However… there is one really special day that you would still like to share with family and friends.

Write your blog

What do you want to write about?

  • What did you experience that was special enough to write about?  Was it something beautiful you saw or an exciting activity you enjoyed? Use your imagination.
  • What country were you in at the time?
  • Who were with you? Any of the new friends you made?
  • You don’t necessarily have to write about a whole day, it can also be (a few hours in) an afternoon or an evening.
  • Write approximately 350 words.
  • Need inspiration? Click here.